We are at the forefront of a digital age where Mobile Devices form an integral part of our lives. Imagine a day you are out for an important meeting and your battery is flat? We are finally here to alleviate the problem. Let us share our journey with you.

Increase FootFall

In this digital age, consumer experience is vital. With the introduction of Joostbox, store locations with this service will be listed in our mobile application which in turn drives more traffic down, increasing exposure and revenue for you.

Targeted Reach

Joostbox is the most desired media platform that encompasses a valued service and at the same time, reaches out to your desired audience to boost brand awareness. Say goodbye to big expenses and Hello Joostbox!

Fully customizable

We pay attention to the finest details of your requirements. From materials used to aesthetic aspects, Joostbox can be customized to suit your business needs and be of value to your organization.

Quick-Charge Technology

Featuring our exclusive Quick-Charge technology, Joostbox adheres to the latest charging standards and utilize integrated circuitry to ensure your devices are never overcharged. We keep you always charged, always ready.

Our Satisfied Clients