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With our wide network of business operators and leasing venues, advertising with Mediateq has a great amount of advantage that could help increase your brand message to specific target audiences that would find your product information and message relevant to their needs. This would result in a higher amount of translation into quality leads that could garner a better return on investment comparing to traditional advertising platform.

Our marketing audience are specific users who are charging their phones, where we can interacte more intimately with them as they required to be exposed to the kiosk in order to tap on the service that we provide for them.

Users who find our mobile charging station a life-saver in helping them reconnecting back to their peers would find themselves grateful and remindful of the sponsors of the station that can potentially turned into a high conversion of product sales and experience.


Fully customizable Kiosk

Customize branding and wrapping can be fitted to the exterior of our product to expose users of the brand. We have find that users are normally grateful for the sponsors to provide this charging service to them.

Personalized Applications

The interactive user interface can be changed and fitted to suit the sponsors need where games and quizzes can be program to engage users who are charging their mobile devices with the Sponsor.

Valuable Analytics

Sponsors can keep tracked of users who have engaged with the kiosk and our programmers can deliver reports on specific data information that sponsors want from the interaction where in turn helps to analyze their marketing campaign and return on investment.

Business Operators

We help business operators to differentiate from their competitors through this ingenius way of attracting and increasing footfall to their venue by providing what our current generation of patrons would want; that is addressing the need of allowing them to find business outlets that are able to charge their phones while they patronize the place. The increased in convenience and satisfaction would lead to an increase in business revenue for new and loyal patrons.

Not only could business operators increased their revenue through an increase in patrons, but they are also able to tap in the opportunity to advertise the media space that they have for their venue with specific advertisers that would be interested on the targeted reach that the business venue offers. By building a network of advertisers to match with our operators, this would help to increase repeated business and additional sales to the operators.


Lounge and Restaurants

Patrons will be drawn to your location if there is a value-added service that they can utilize on while they are being served at your establishment; this service provided will hence translate to an increase in business revenue and words can be spread among the patrons who enjoyed the service at your venue.


Locker service are common at nightspot destination where patrons place their belongings with the trusted staff over the counter. However, as of today's market context, there is no service for Mobile devices for patrons who can charged securely. You can be the first to utilize our service to provide this to your clients.

Facilities hub

In this competitive arena, facilities hub wish to draw new patrons to their premises through continuous renewal of their equipment and products offered; MEDIATEQ can be a source of innovation to attract new and loyal users alike who are keen to charge their mobile devices securely while they work out; which is a great value-added service.

Leasing Model

Made suitable for conferences, concerts and shopping venues, Mediateq's leasing model is an innovative way for you to provide satisfaction and convenience to your clients. Users who would require the service of Mediateq's product are able to come across this fantastic opportunity of exposing your brand message.

Event sponsors can take this chance to look for new and innovative ways to create brand exposure through increased footfall and product awareness that will deliver such a positive experience that would turn into a talking point at the event itself. This becomes a valuable and incredible opportunity to engage with potential cusomers that brings in a remarkable Return on Investment!


Conferences and Expos

MEDIATEQ is what every conference and expos need; high demand for attendees that require their mobile devices to be fully charged at all times would find the introduction of JOOSTBOX a novel one and innovative one which could help boost your brand message and awareness throughout the event.

Concerts and Tradeshows

Specific audience target can be tapped through our MEDIATEQ platform by helping venue patrons charged up by using our services. Venue host as such bring a positive experience to users that allows for a higher customer retention that would lead to increase in future business.

Shopping Malls

Shopping centres and district is able to tap the advantages of MEDIATEQ by introducing the product to venue patrons that adds to increase footfall to the premise; with an increase in footfall, media space that can be used by advertisers allowed for an incredible opportunity for increase business and awareness.