Mobile Charging Kiosk


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Functional and User Friendly
Joostbox is a fully functional mobile charging station that can comes with a variety of locking technologies that gives patrons a peace of mind while they leave their eletronic devices charging in the assigned locker. Joostbox caters for various brands of mobile devices that are currently available in the market. Our latest innovation includes the Biometric Locking System in our mobile charging stations.

Be it Mobile devices or Tablets, Joostbox is able to customize and meet your demends

Our client has the freedom to choose the amount of lockers that they wish for their Mobile Charging Kiosk; along with the size they wish for their Interactive Touch Screen Display and also if they prefer to have the lockers to be digitally or manually locked; other add ons include the peruse of digital number pads or e-payment methods to use the charging kiosk. Contact us to find out more.
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Project details

- Singapore powers services
- Marina Bay Sands
- Palais Renaissance Mall
- Ministry of Education AST branch